Well, today I decided to not do anything.  So for my 1st thing, that would be it.  I took a break all day from household chores.  Some husbands just don't understand how important it is for moms/wives to take these much needed breaks.  Thanks hubby for not bitching about it all day.  :)

For my 2nd thing:  It would be amongst my day of doing nadda, I took 2 1hr. naps.  That was especially nice.  Again, thanks honey.

For my 3rd thing:  It was dinner with my parents and brother/sister in-law.  We went out to eat at a new chinese buffet in town.  It was delicious.  My brother works at a local fresh seafood market and delivers thier fresh seafood to them, so hes the one who recommended it. It was so great!  Thanks Paul and Mom.


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