Well, again my first thing was my "me time" this morning. I was feeling a little "blue" so I made myself a most delicious white caramel and mocha cappaccino. That definitely hit the spot right off the bat. Then as I watched the sun come up, I wondered, how many other people are watching this exact sunrise with me. And, I was wondering if the sunrise means to other people what it does to me. Of course not, right? We all have our own thing. Then, I started thinking, why is the sunrise so important to me EVERY single day. Because, it is. If I miss it one morning, my whole day is ruined, I just cant get going and get happy. No matter what mood I'm in, the sunrise always takes everything away and makes everything ok for me and I'm instantly happy. Does anyone else ever feel that? I think for me, all the stereotypical things apply: 1. It signals the start of a new day, everything from yesterday is done, its over with and you cant get it back. The good with the bad. 2. The color yellow makes me feel VERY happy and lighthearted and good spirited. 3. And, its time to wake up, get going. Ya know, we all only get one day, each day to make that day mean something for us and others. We can use it wasting away in our own sorrows or we can get up, get out and make a difference. It doesn't matter whos difference your making - just make one. At the end of every day we should all be able to lay our heads down and say, "Now that's how you live a day"! I can happily say that today.

For my next thing: if you are on my FB page then you know I do post card stuff - www.postcrossing.com. This has become my most favorite hobby and I so look forward to it every day as well. Well today we (Joe and I) had nothing to do so we decided to just go for a drive. We ended up in Vero Beach, about 1/2 hr. North. We decided to do some window shopping and just enjoy Vero - it is a nice place. One store we walked in had a most beautiful postcard display. I was in heaven! So right away everything around me just disappears and I'm in tunnel vision straight to the display immediately scanning for new postcards of Florida to send that I dont already have. Now lately, I've been having a hard time finding new ones, so I'm on a postcard hunt constantly. Anyway, I was very happy to find several that I have not yet had the pleasure of temporarily owning. Luckily for me, my wonderful, always there for me husband had a $5. bill in his pocket. So yeah!!!!! I could get them. So our do-nothing window shopping day turned into a goldmine for me.

Lastly: If you can believe this a cold front came through FL last night and the weather was absolutely gorgeous today, windows open, breeze blowin, perfect weather. Which btw, I am sitting outside writing this right now and totally loving the weather. It is perfect, reminds me of beautiful Charleston, SC. So anyway, we were all walking to the dumpster and mailbox as the sun had started its decend behind the trees and I just felt like I wanted to go for a walk. It was almost 8:00p.m. and the I start the kids bedtime routine at that time, bathes, snacks, clean-up and all that jazz. Well my Mr. Always There For Me said (because he's the rule maker and enforcer) come on lets go. I asked, just to double check I was hearing correctly, and yup he said come on lets go enjoy this weather and the kids can go to bed an hour later tonight so we dont have to rush walking or getting settled down when we get back. So we went and it was PERFECT! I can not tell you how beautiful and perfect the weather was at this time. We all had a great time!


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