Well, like I said earlier, one thing I do for myself everyday that is the same - yet very special and important to me: sitting out on my back porch, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, enjoying nature. Well I've moved since I last wrote, from Charleston, SC to Ft. Pierce, FL, so the view is quite different as is the weather, but just the same is how it makes me feel. I am very much a night owl, yet I have to be up every morning to watch the sunrise. I am such a nature person, I love the weather in the morning and hearing the birds wake up smelling the fresh morning air. I especially loved it in Charleston. Its a little different in Florida - for 1 the weather - it is starting to get hot here now, but I think for the most part it stays pretty nice in the morning, just not for hours like in SC. By 8:00a.m. its already 80 degrees and 80% humidity. But I think I can handle it. So anyway, this is my 1st thing for today.


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